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UNSOLVED: MISSING: Alyssa Marie Burns

This one is extremely bizarre. On February 3rd, 2008, police received a call from someone reporting that his girlfriend, Alyssa Marie Burns, was missing. He told them that she had called him, and said she was tired of all of her misfortunes in life, and wanted to end it. According to him, she then told him that she'd taken a cab to a beach near a rock. The beaches near and around the sycamore cove area were searched, but she was never found. Alyssa's boyfriend was unable to provide police with a date of birth, names of family members or contact information for them, or any other pertinent information for Alyssa. To this day, investigators have been unable to confirm Alyssa's identity, locate any family, or find her.

If you have any information regarding Alyssa, her identity, her family, or her disappearance, please contact the Ventura County Cold Case Unit at

(805) 384-8704

I was also unable to locate any photos to go along with this report, so I'm under the impression that the boyfriend was unable to provide that either.

So, the whole thing is extremely sketch.

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