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21 Solved in '21 : Day 1 : Candice Rogers

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

9-year-old Candice Rogers left her home in Spokane, Washington on March 6, 1959, intending to sell mints for her bluebirds troop. She'd intended to stay within her neighborhood, so when she wasn’t home within a few hours, her family became concerned. Soon, the entire neighborhood was searching for her, and the police were involved. That evening, boxes of mints believed to belong to Candice were found near the Fort George Wright Bridge. The search continued until 2 weeks later when two off-duty airmen found shoes that belonged to her in some woods about 7 miles from her home. Candice Rogers’ body was found the next morning when police officers went to that location. A DNA sample pulled from Candice’s clothing was finally able to be tested due to advancements in technology in the early 2000s. Through familial DNA, they finally found Candice’s killer, which was confirmed when his daughter volunteered her DNA. After 62 years, the murder of Candice Rogers was finally solved. Her murderer committed suicide in 1970.

Not much information was available Candice 'Candy' Rogers, herself. She was kind, and part of the Bluebirds, the younger faction of the Camp Fire Girls.

I'm not naming any of the killers in these posts as these spotlights are intended to be about the victims. In addition, some of these cases have ongoing trials, and some are awaiting trial.

As always, if I post something you'd like to hear about more in depth, shoot me an email or leave a comment!

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