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Thrice Cursed

a true crime & paranormal podcast

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Never late with my dinner, and always has a spare treat. Snuggles too much, but hey, more treats. I'm constantly trying to get into the closet studio while she's recording, so I guess she can't sound TOO bad. 10/10 will eat her when she passes.

Ostara the Cat
People are Scary
         Primrose the Cat

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Mom talks too much. She should go to bed instead.

Tigerlily the Cat


Hi, I'm Rebekkah Rosewood. And I'm here to help you keep your curses hexy, and your hexes sexy in this snarky true crime and paranormal podcast. For those of you who enjoy a little personality with your true crime, and a little scare with some flair, I've got you covered.

Lover of all things, dark & spooky; I spend my days researching things that prevent me from ever sleeping, loving on cats that bite, staring into my liquid zoo just praying for a Blue Shrimp Blessing, and burning Pumpkin Spice candles. I have 3 cats that give me life, and 2 indoor plants that I mostly give death. It's a cycle. I once threw a pumpkin in a compost pile, and grew my own pumpkins by the next year. It was the best October of my life. 


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Email/ ThriceCursedPod@gmail.com    RE: Listener Story
Patreon/ Patreon.com/ThriceCursedPod
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